Digital subscriptions to The Economist: hope you’re not in Australia

My favourite news magazine is The Economist. I read it with barely a break from 1991 to 2009, across four countries. On paper. My commuting, travelling and bedside companion. And then the subscription prices increased to such an unpalatable point … Continue reading

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Travel tips: Corsica

A month ago I spent a sunny May week in Corsica (it’s a large French island in the Mediterranean, for the geographically weak). From pretty beaches to snow-capped mountains, cliffs and grottoes to tiny towns perched precariously on hilltops, there’s … Continue reading

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Amazon UK: 26 kilos of damaged books, incorrect refunds, lots of aggravation

I’ve lost all respect for Amazon. This time it’s, but I suspect they’re using the same offshore customer service as, so I’ll spread the unlove widely (again). My friend M has just spent four weeks battling with the … Continue reading

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Bias-spotting in The Australian

The economist and commentator John Quiggin has recently been posting articles highlighting the distortions that The Australian newspaper (“the Oz”) presents with shameless regularity. The examples range from the seriously depressing to the outrageous and outrageously stupid. Continue reading

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Amazon US is too big to be bothered with good packaging? seems happy to throw heaps of money at replacing damaged goods, rather than fixing their packaging. Combined with customer service problems, it seems like a recipe for customer discontent to me. Continue reading

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cPanel automatically empties mail trash folder when using IMAP

Do you use your IMAP email Trash folder as a zone for eventual message deletion, rather the real end of the road? If your email domain is hosted on cPanel, you might find your messages vanish for good after seven days. Continue reading

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Bulk upload of categories in WordPress

To add many categories to a Wordpress site, you usually add them one at a time. For bulk uploading of categories, use a spreadsheet to create an xml file of all categories following the format shown in this article. Continue reading

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It’s alive!

So here we go. Duncan’s Miscellany is live. What’s it all about? You’d be better off reading my About page, but suffice to say that I spend so much of my spare time maintaining my websites or reading feeds from … Continue reading

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